What to do in Barcelona

Do you want to know what to see or to do in Barcelona? Since he reads these 10 recommendations that we have prepared for you, your family or friends.

  1. The Gothic neighborhood and the Cathedral of Barcelona. After estimating and to catch with good images of your camera, the Gothic architecture that proves to be mixed with the modernist style, we recommend to continue with a walk along the neighborhood of the Born to see the church of Santa Maria of the Mar and an excellent gastronomic offer that combines taverns nauseas, bars and typical restaurants of lids of Barcelona.
  2. To visit the emblematic works of the acquaintance Antoni Gaudí with his respective museums. They are 16 but those that you must not stop visiting are The Sacred Family, The Parc Güell, House Milá or The Quarry and The House Batll ò. These two last ones are located in Passeig de Gràcia and the distance to walk between them is only 10 minutes.
  3. All the rest museums of the city, as the Foundation Mir ò, CaixaForum, Museum Picasso, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Catalonia, The Museum of the Mammoth, and different many more.
  4. The monuments and public exhibitions located in the principal squares, parks and avenues of the count city.
  5. To enjoy the whole family of the innumerable activities for children and for all, who are carried out in all the neighborhoods.
  6. To take part in cultural, professional, business and sports events. Every month there are important musical concerts, good movies in the cinemas, impressive actions of theatre, popular holidays, commercial fairs, marathons and popular careers with diverse humanitarian ends, etc.
  7. To taste his delicious kitchen in someone of his more than 10000 restaurants and bars of food. Do not allow that only they should tell it to you, it proves in person his delicious plates. To have a more exact information he contacts the Receptionist or Janitor of your hotel. They were helping you to be useful better your time and they will speak to you about qualit sites.
  8. Do not forget the ports and beaches of Barcelona with his respective maritime walks to walk calmly breathing the marine smell. In any season of the year you will be able to enjoy also the diverse colors that are formed in the Horizon if you turn your look towards the sea.
  9. Discover the points with beautiful conference located in different corners of the city. And do not forget your chamber in the hotel. From there you will be able to catch nice images of Barcelona.
  10. It goes out to entertain you with your friends. There are many places to dance with any musical kind. For agreeable moments with your pair also it waits for a night life full of romantic places that will fill you with inspiration and passion.

Invent something that could take advantage of Barcelona that we have not said to you. It uses your common sense making demolish your imagination. And once completed your experience, it recommends your friends from the hotel or place of your stay sending postcards with images of Barcelona. If you want to make it furthermore easy, he shares this blog with them. We seek to bring the captivations of the city over to the major quantity of interested persons, across his images.



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