What to visit

Foto hecha a uno de los edificios más modernistas de Barcelona

Detalles modernistas en los edificios de Barcelona

Between the places most important that to visit of Barcelona we recommend to you the following list:

  1. The Cathedral of Barcelona, the whole Gothic neighborhood and the Born.
  2. The works of the architect Antoni Gaudí, between which they find The Sacred Family, the Parc Güell, The Quarry and the House Batllò, and other 10 more.
  3. Other museums of the city. Between them that of Pablo Picasso, the Foundation Mirò, the Museum of contemporary Art of Catalonia, The Museum of History and different many.
  4. Monuments and public sculptures placed in the principal squares and avenues.
  5. The emblematic Plaza Catalonia like central point of the city and that connects the 3 most commercial streets of Barcelona: Passeig de Gràcia, The Portal of the Ángel, The Ravine Catalonia, The Round Universitat and the known Ravine. The latter is the famous street with a pretty walk in the center with an attractive variety of distractions, art, souveniers and leisure, which they go from the architectural mixed beauty that there show the buildings located to everything long of his 2 kilometres.
  6. The Plaza Spain with his majestic source, the circular viewing-point of the Mall The Sands and the Venetian Towers where it begins The Avenue He Reigns Maria Cristina, that happening for the Magic Sources takes him to the perrons (with mechanical stairs) to enter Monjüic happening for the Museum of Contemporary Art of Catalonia.
  7. You can destine half a day to visit also the exhibitions of Caixa Forum, the Poble Espanyol and the whole complex Montjüic, where the Olympian games of Barcelona were celebrated 1992.
  8. The monument and viewing-point Christopher Colón located in the rotunda where it finishes the Ravine. Here it might initiate his walk along the Port Vell (old port). In this zone he will accede to the Mall Pandemonium (opened all the year round), the Aquarium of Barcelona and a complex Multicinemas 3D.
  9. Do not leave yourself the Port Olimpic, the Casino of Barcelona and his respective places of leisure. If you like the night life, here you will find a good offer of bars and discotheques to few meters of the Mediterranean Sea.
  10. If you you like to bathe in the beach, to enjoy walking along the sand or the maritime walk, to breathe the smell of Sea, to play sports outdoors or to taste delicious plates of the maritime world, the beaches of Barcelona wait for you in order that you them know from Sant Sebastià’s top and the Barceloneta up to the baths Forum.

The order to visit the places of Barcelona goes in dependence of everyone. For what, we recommend to the tourists to contact the Concierge or front desk agent of the hotel and to ask them for personalized routes, which undoubtedly someone will help them to save time and money.



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